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Educational Game for Kids.
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farm adventure hear animal sounds & pronunciation

The kids will learn through interactive games : 

– the Letters of the Alphabet; 
– the Numbers; 
– the Domestic Animals 
– the Colors; 
– the Shapes; 
– the Vegetables; 
– the Fruits;

Native voice-over recorded in studio in the United Kingdom !

The App has 10 levels: 
1. Learn – browse through the various educational items or let the app play them automatically for you. Kids can press on the images and the corresponding sounds will play. The kids can learn the animals, the shapes, the letters, the numbers, the vegetables and the fruits; 

2. Play with colours – learn colours and test your colours knowledge skills. Choose between a mix of colours to find one by one the correct items; 

3. Sort Vegetables – Gather each vegetable to the corresponding basket; 

4. Labyrinth – Collect the Letters written on the Eggs and find the animals to complete the entire words; 

farm adventure learn letters and animals

5. Jump – Jump to collect fruits, vegetables, letters and numbers; 

6. Match – Drag the shapes to the corresponding location to form a new funny image and watch the end animation; 

7. Drop – Run and catch the falling items: fruits, vegetables, numbers and letters; 

8. Shaped Fence – Create a fence around the sheep by touching the numbers in order and discover the shape; 

9. Play games – A) connect the colours to the animals and watch the animals change their colour; B) Help the cat cross the road through the walking dogs; 

10. Test – test your animals knowledge skills. Choose between the animals in order to find the correct one. 

Rewarding System – after each level the kids will be awarded stars according to the level completion percentage. 

Information personalized to the children’s need of discovery, together with new tests and games will be added periodically to the list of interactive tools.

available for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch